Sushiya Uoshin (Sushi), Shimokitazawa

I briefly featured the fish izakaya "Uoshin" before and I would like to introduce you to their Sushi restaurant next door "Sushiya Uoshin" which I've been going to frequently, because of its reasonable prices and always good stuff (they own a fish company so the products are always fresh and affordable), not to mention the super friendliness of the Itamaes (cooks in the counter).
For some reasons, I had never tried their lunch, which I did for the first time the other day. Well, the satisfaction was there, as always.

I ordered the Bara-Chirashi, a variant of the popular Chirashi-Zushi which is a bowl of vinegar-flavored rice "sumeshi" with all sorts of sliced ingredients on top of it. The Bara-Chirashi is more or less a different version of the same dish with the ingredients chopped in little dice size instead of sliced.
The regular size costs a very cheap ¥600, which I supersized for a mere ¥100. It was rather big but definitely eatable, so go for it if you feel hungry. Both sizes come with a tasty miso soup.

The fish ingredients might slightly vary depending on the seasons but what we got the other was: Sake (salmon), Ika (squid), Maguro (tuna), Ikura (salmon egg), Aji (sardin), Ebi (shrimp), Katsuo (bonito), Tamago-Yaki (egg omelet), Kyuri (cucumber) and Kanpyo (marinated shavings of calabash gourd)

I've been living in this country almost all my life but I still manage to get oftenly amazed by the Japanese aesthetic in food, no matter how cheap it is. Of course, that's only a bowl of rice with stuff on top, but isn't it the most beautiful thing?

So, definitely enjoy the look and the taste of the cheap but very satisfying Bara-Chirashi lunch whenever you pass by!

Sushiya Uoshin is open everyday from 12:00am to 00:30am (L.O. 23:30pm), though they're closed from 14:00pm to 17:00pm on weekdays.

Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-1-1
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