Uchimura (Egyptian), 10mn walk from Shimokitazawa

This restaurant/deli might be the best middle-eastern place in Tokyo in terms of quality/cost ratio. The place is managed by an Egypto-Japanese couple who used to live in Luxor. They serve an incredible Falafel in Pita bread, as well as some wonderful pastes/dips such as Musa'ah (eggplant and green paper) , Hummus, Fuul (broad bean and green paper), Baba ghanoug (eggplant). A full Pita with choice of pastes is ¥500, and their meat dishes (kebab and co) around the same price.

Their bean salad (bean, garlic, cumin, chili, vinegar) is wonderful

and the Tabbule (parsley, tomato, cucumber, onion, green paper), a bomb of freshness.

Finish the lunch/dinner with the cardamom-flavored Arabian coffee (¥300), and you're VERY happy.

"UCHIMURA" (Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 3-2-11) 03-3468-2715
2-3mn walk from Higashikitazawa Station on Odakyu Line, or 10mn walk from Shimokitazawa
Closed on Sundays

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Torikin (Yakitori), Shibuya

Nothing to do with Shimokitazawa as it's located in Shibuya, but here's for you one of those authentic Yakitori places crammed with local repeaters that you'd want to check out while in Tokyo for its good taste and great atmosphere.
"Torikin" is a shack-like tiny joint that you'll recognize for its big red paper lantern outside. All the yakitoris are grilled with charcoal so beware of the smoke as the ventilation is non-existant...
The house specialty is the dice-sized Sumi-Yaki (charcoal grilled) chicken (pix above). The chuuzara (mid portion) is great for two and goes unbelievably well with a nice beer. Don't forget to add some yuzukosho (Japanese citron pepper) on that chicken for some great flavor.
When you're done with the Sumiyaki, just go nuts with the other chicken/pork/vegies brochettes.

Closed on sundays

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Uoshin (Izakaya), Shimokitazawa

Sashimi plate at "Uoshin" in Shimokitazawa (Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-1-1, 03-3419-5584‎). This place is owned by a fish company, thus the stuff they offer is always fresh, good and at a relatively low cost. If you're into fish, this is a pretty good place to go to. The staff is super friendly, the menu varied and the sake good. The sashimi plate (pix attached) is at ¥1,500, which is quite a bargain. Yellowtail, North Pacific Giant Octopus, Bonito etc in there, but it changes daily.
They also had yesterday a plate of mixed vegetables Tempura that was not bad at all.

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Me, myself and I

ok, that's me. My friend asked me to keep a blog on food, and as I love surfing through the foodblogs of all the countries I visit, I thought that would a good idea for anyone interested in Japan, Tokyo and Shimokitazawa (the "East Village" of Tokyo). Enjoy, as I'm not sure how long I'll be doing this.