Uchimura (Egyptian), 10mn walk from Shimokitazawa

This restaurant/deli might be the best middle-eastern place in Tokyo in terms of quality/cost ratio. The place is managed by an Egypto-Japanese couple who used to live in Luxor. They serve an incredible Falafel in Pita bread, as well as some wonderful pastes/dips such as Musa'ah (eggplant and green paper) , Hummus, Fuul (broad bean and green paper), Baba ghanoug (eggplant). A full Pita with choice of pastes is ¥500, and their meat dishes (kebab and co) around the same price.

Their bean salad (bean, garlic, cumin, chili, vinegar) is wonderful

and the Tabbule (parsley, tomato, cucumber, onion, green paper), a bomb of freshness.

Finish the lunch/dinner with the cardamom-flavored Arabian coffee (¥300), and you're VERY happy.

"UCHIMURA" (Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 3-2-11) 03-3468-2715
2-3mn walk from Higashikitazawa Station on Odakyu Line, or 10mn walk from Shimokitazawa
Closed on Sundays

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Anonymous said...

Hey, firstly great blog! I have been living in Shimokitazawa for a year and a half and although I've been to a lot of restaurants there are some on here which I had walked by and never thought to go in which really surprised me. Really want to thank you for Uchimura though - I am part middle eastern and I yearn so often for this sort of stuff - I went after reading about it on this site and it was brilliant!

Out of curiosity what do you think of the French restaurants here? I noticed the old waiter from Trocadero has set up his own shop (petit debut) which is alot cheaper than Trocadero but the atmosphere in Trocadero is very good so it's quite hard to choose between the two.

Anyway keep up the good work!

frenchy said...

Hi there!
glad to see that someone is actually reading this! Doesn't feel so lonely anymore :)

Please do talk to the lady at Uchimura, she's quite fun to chat with.

I have no clue for both French places you're mentioning as I have stopped going to Trocadero five or six years ago when the original staff quit. Too bad for me! They had a "Strawberries stirred in butter and balsamico vinegar" to kill for that I won't forget.
Please do not hesitate to let me know how both restaurants are if you visit them as I am curious too.

FYI, this cheap-place-for-a-French-restaurant in Hatsudai (which is not too far from Shimokitazawa) was good both time I went: http://tokyoeater.blogspot.com/2008/09/la-casquette-hatsudai.html

Enjoy your meal!