Enotria Diana (Italian), Shimokitazawa

After visiting "Daniela" over the weekend, we felt somehow like we needed to profound our knowledge of Italian restaurants in the area. We therefore chose to try the popular "Enotria Diana", an Italian pub with an airy open terrace and big oak barrel tables outside. The place definitely has a welcoming and unpretentious vibe to it that I like.

As it was our first time in this place, we went for what looked like the recommendations on the menu: "Olive Farcite e Fritte all'Ascolana" (deep-fried stuffed olives), "Insalata Dil Campo Alla Toscana" (mixed vegetables salad), "Prosciutto Di San Daniele" (cured ham from San Daniele), "Pancetta Alla Casalinga" (roasted marinated pork)
This joint has an extensive wine list, but not being acknowledged at all in the vino of the boot-shaped country (not that I know much about French wine either to be honest), we just went for the decent house white wine "Trebbiano d'Abruzzo".

All that really remains from eating there is how small the portions are. We went there for food, to realize at the end, that this is really more a pub than an eatery. Well, we sort of knew it, so we can only blame ourselves. At least, you will be warned: only go to this place if you're into a wine drinking mood with little dishes to munch on.
Should you be willing to stuff yourself, you will most probably have to spend a good ¥3,000-¥4,000 per head.

Anyway, here's a quick recap on the food!

The cured ham prosciutto wasn't bad, but I always tend to look at the amount served rather than the quality. You can't expect much at ¥530, but still, a little more slices can't kill. It's a medium salted one, quite flavorful, aged for 14 months.

Their Pancetta was probably the best stuff we had, though a hint too salty. But remember: NaCl is a leitmotiv here. At the end of the day, this is a pub so everything they serve you is supposed to help you drink some more. Thus the overall saltiness.
The thin slices of pork back ribs are marinated in aromatic herbs and salt, then brought to you roasted. The meat is juicy and chewy, and a nice "mediterranean " aroma floats from it. I could definitely have eaten some more of it, but once again, at ¥490, you can't ask for the moon I suppose.

The 8 (!) little olives stuffed with minced meat and then deep-fried weren't the highlight of this meal. I guess it has the potential of a great recipe but I found the fried batter plain and "tired", and the olives so-so. I probably won't go for an encore on this one if I go back.

The salad was good. Simple vinegar, salt, black pepper and oil dressing. The vegetables were fresh.

We paid ¥3,000 for two, which I find slightly expensive considering the wine was just ok and the food served in minimal proportions. The lady serving us was smily and helpful though.

Enotria Diana is open 7 days a week. 15:00pm to 03:00am Monday to Friday; 11:30am to 03:00am on Saturday; 11:30am to 23:00pm on Sunday
Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-14-14.
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