Waffle Cafe Orang (Waffles), Shimokitazawa

I can't remember when this cafe opened but it seems to me like this waffle shop "Waffle Cafe Orang" has been here forever. I've been countless times to the excellent vegetable restaurant "Yasai Sakaba" across the street but it curiously never crossed my mind to taste those sweets even for a dessert. I know it may sound dumb, but the thought of eating belgium waffles in Shimokitazawa seemed a little strange and out of place to me.

But once again, the merit of writing a food blog is that you get pushed to try new places, so that's what I did yesterday.
The cafe is charming, airy, with nice furnitures and mexican-like light pastel colored walls but I chose to sit at the wooden terrasse facing the main street, as the French in me never can resist the desire to sit outside and watch people pass by.

The first thing that caught my attention was the sign in the cafe that says "we are specialized in Brussels type American waffle". I am not an expert in waffles but I know my geography so it was definitely some food for thoughts...

I have very fond childhood memories of the plain waffles sprinkled with powder sugar I ate with my grandmother in Paris, so that is what I ordered without hesitation. Not to mention that Japanese have an annoying habit of topping too much stuff on their crepes and waffles (mostly deterring amount of fresh creme), so I knew I had to keep my order as simple as it could be.

Cinnamon and sugar waffle

The only conservative challenge I made was to add some cinnamon as I thought it would be good with the hot tea I ordered with the sweet. The rule in this cafe is that whenever you order a waffle you have to choose a drink with it (coffee, tea, juice), though not vice-versa. This is a major inconvenience as you will be charged at least around ¥1,000 for a mere plate of "gaufre".

What got to me was two squared waffles, each sides around 12cm in length. They are very light in texture, relatively crunchy first and quickly dissolving in your mouth, leaving a delicate and pleasant taste of butter.

The tea, which I think was a Ceylon one, went really well with the waffle so this is an option I would recommend if you are hesitating between tea and coffee. The reason being that the combination of powdered cinnamon and powdered sugar is slightly choking, so I think tea is better suited to wash it down. An another alternative is to add some maple syrup, which I did. Nice match.

The gaufres are so light, you will be done with them in no time. I think they're perfect for a quick snack in the afternoon (the terrasse is breezy and relaxing) though you will need to be ready to pay ¥1,000 for them. Good but expensive. The decision is yours.

Waffle Cafe Orang is open from 12:30pm to 20:30pm through Monday to Friday; 11:30am to 20:30pm on Saturdays and 11:00am to 20:00pm on Sundays
Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-26-21
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