Mixture (Bakery), Shimokitazawa

A little bit of history before I introduce the bakery "Mixture". When I first moved to Shimokitazawa in 2001, there was a bakery called "Taieido" in my neighbourhood, managed by an adorable old couple and a young man helping them once in a while. Taieido opened in 1959 and based its business mainly on supplying the kids at Seitoku Highschool nearby. Customers in the area grew over the decades and Taieido even had some celebrities among its fans, most of all for its famous curry-stuffed bread.

I would go there in the morning to buy their "Creme Pan" (custard cream stuffed bread) out of the oven, and I still remember how the old baker would always tell me to "be careful because the cream is hot".
Unfortunately, the old man suddenly passed away in the summer of 2005 and the bakery closed.

What a surprise when a few months later, the bakery opened again at the same place, under a new name "Mixture". The young man who used to help the couple had quit his full-time job to re-open the bakery and keep the legacy alive. The current menu has a section called Taieido Series, with breads that look and taste the same as what the old bakery used to sell.

The below bread is that "Creme Pan" (custard cream bread) I was talking about. It is not gourmet bread but if you like custard cream and feel like eating something sweet, definitely try it. It's a good example of a very popular bread in Japan.

My recommendation for this bakery is definitely their Sandwhich Loaf. Sandwich Loafs' dough usually contains way more water than milk, but "Mixture", contrarily to the norm, mainly uses milk in its recipe. This gives the bread a very rich taste unmatched by other bakeries. The stuff is REALLY good. Try it, it's ¥280. It's usually out of the oven at 14:00.
They will ask you how many cuts you want. I assume 6 cuts is the most popular but I go for the not economical 4, as I like my toasts thick in the morning.

They have a pretty varied menu as they also offer pizzas, sandwhiches, lunch menus etc.... Check it the menu (in Japanese) here

"Mixture" is closed on Thursdays
Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 3-31-5
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