Part 1 - Okame (Oden), 15mn walk from Shimokitazawa

"Okame" is one of the best well-kept secret in the Shimokitazawa area (though much closer to Higashi-Kitazawa). This rather hard-to-find place is specialized in outstanding Oden fares but the rest of its menu is also excellent. Talking about the menu, don't be surprised when you have a look at it: there are no prices on it. Rest assured though, a good dinner with sufficient drinks will usually costs an average of 4,000 to 5,000 yen per person. Nothing outrageous considering the quality of the food. Prices will jump up if you order a lot of their excellent Sashimis.

Here's the Oden below, with all the ingredients stewing in the broth
Click here for the Wikipedia article on the "Oden", but be advised that the article has a major flaw in that it has reversed the Kanto and Kansai word in its "Regional Variations". What you need to know is that the Kansai (Southern Central region of the main Honshu Island) version has a lighter broth than the Kanto one ( Tokyo and the prefectures around). "Okame" serves the delicate Kansai version which is said to be truer to the taste of its ingredients as the clearer broth interferes less with them.

When you get in, they'll serve you the always good Otoshi (side dish served before the meal, on the above picture). It changes daily and yesterday's was a Squid dish and the other an Eggplant one. No need to say that it goes well with your opening beer.

As I said earlier, "Okame" is basically an Oden restaurant, but they also serve other delicious cuisine. Went yesterday for the above "Anago No Agedashi" , a lightly deep-fried Eel served in a Tentsuyu broth (the broth served with Tempura) and some chopped Spring Onion. It was served with Eggplant, Shishito Peppers, Shiitake mushrooms and Nori dry seaweed.

Chose the "Yamaimo No Isobeage" as well: Japanese Mountain Yam rolled in Nori sheets and deepfried. Add some touch of salt and go for it. Theirs is really good.

I always order their great Hakusai Zuke (pickled Chinese cabbage ) on top of which they grate a little bit of fresh Yuzu for the flavor. So good! And the portion is big (above picture)

I strongly suggest you order their Kajiki-Maguro No Teriyaki (Swordfish Teriyaki sauce) which is a killer. The fish will melt in your mouth!


Vanderweyden said...

Nice review of a great restaurant. Just don't go telling everyone... It's hard enough to get a seat!

frenchy said...

Thanks. And I know what you mean... We went there at 17:10 last weekend and it was already packed...