Part 2 - Okame (Oden), 15mn walk from Shimokitazawa

There is no particular order in which you should order your Oden, but people tend to order it towards the end of the meal, which we do as well.

Here are the stuff we ordered yesterday:
Uzura egg (quail eggs) and Gobo (burdock) both in Satsuma-Age ( fried fish cake)
A whole portion of Tofu with some leek and Yuzu peel on top of it. An absolute must.

Rolled cabagge stuffed with minced meet, some Hanpen (white surimi) and some Shirataki noodles (the white block of Konjak noodles on the left)

If you are into fish, you should absolutely try their Tako (octopus), which is really just boiled slices of octopus , quite chewy but oh so fresh. You eat it with a separate Wasabi-Shoyu sauce.

For an idea, for all that stuff, we paid just over ¥6,000 for two with 2 beers and 2 cold sake. Do the maths! Nothing extravagant right?

Every other Oden ingredients are good, so just go nuts. You can eat Oden only too, so if you want to skip on the other fares, don't hesitate to do so. You will just miss on some good stuff!

"Okame" is closed on Wednesday, and usually open from 17:00 to 24:00.
In the winter time, the place is packed from about 18:00 and you will have to wait a good half-an-hour before you get a seat. The only way to make a reservation is if you book for at least 4 people, in which case they'll seat you in their tatami room on the second floor. It's nice and quiet, but you'll miss on the izakaya atmosphere of the ground floor.

The place is much closer to Higashikitazawa, but you can walk from Shimokitazawa. 15mn walk.

Shibuyaku, Uehara 3-25-9
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